Scale Variable
13 year
I am having difficulty passing Scale as a variable to RoboRealm.  Any ideas? Robo file attached.
Anonymous 13 year
I am using 2.24.6.  Thank you!
Anonymous 13 year
I am passing two variables [IMAGE_WIDTH] and [IMAGE_HEIGHT], if that is helpful!

Hopefully help is available for this!

Thank you!
Anonymous 13 year
I'd recommend not passing variables with those names as they are intrinsic to RoboRealm. I.e. RoboRealm creates those variables based on the image source being used and would overwrite your values almost immediately.

Instead use something like [my_height] and [my_width] and then use those variables in the Scale module.

You can see a list of intrinsic/default variables that RoboRealm produces at


or you could just add in the Watch_Variable module and see what is already in that interface.

Anonymous 13 year
Yes, you were right.  All is well in my RoboRealm world now!

Thank you, STeven!

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