The Listen module uses the MicroSoft Speech 5.0 to listen for spoken text. This module is useful for changing states during the execution of the program when no keyboard is available on the robot.

Any text heard will appear in the text box and assigned to the variable specified in the interface. We suggest you complete at least one vocal training otherwise the speech recognition will be unusable.

Often the context of speech is important. If you find that you are issuing single word commands without much recognition luck, try to incorporate other words that help localize the context of the word. For example, instead of just saying "yellow" say "the color yellow" and look for the word yellow somewhere in the recognized text. This search can be done using a VBScript module using the InStr function.



1. Specify the variable that will contain the recognized text. You can either select a variable from the dropdown or type in a new variable. Note that any recognized text will appear in the "Recognized text" box.

2. Profile to use - select which voice profile you'd like to use in recognizing text.

3. If you wish to change the profile automatically based on some other event you can instead specify a variable that will contain the numerical index or the actual name of the profile as seen in the dropdown list. When this variable changes the profile will automatically switch to the one specified.


The Listen module requires you to download the Microsoft Speech API 5.0 You can find the download at http://www.microsoft.com/speech/download/sdk51/

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