Listen Module
Dotan from Israel  [5 posts]
12 year
I would like to use the Listen module.
i have downloaded the speech SDK 5.1 and install it but for some reason the RR continues to ask me if i installed the SDK
maybe i didnt installe dit correctly , is there a certain directory that the SDK should be there in order the RR will see it ?
any other suggentions ??

Anonymous 12 year

Can you confirm that any other applications can access the speech routines? I.e. can you enable dictation in Word? This is just to check that the speech files are correctly installed on your computer as RR will use similar hooks into that system.

Dotan from Israel  [5 posts] 11 year
Hi Steven ,
Idont know how to do it , i entered the SDK tools ->RECO and start playing with the options there,i dont think it works since it always says "blah blah" , i attached the screen shot .
waiting for your help.
best regards

Anonymous 11 year

I'm not sure what application you are running as I cannot find anything in MS Speech SDK that looks like that. What is the application called that you are running? If you have other speech APIs installed it is possible that it is interfering with the MS API.


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