Listen module with language pack
Le Zhang from United States  [11 posts]
12 year
I know that the listen module uses ms's SDK and that it comes with japanese and chinese lang packs. What I want to know is if its possible for the listening module to transcribe what I say in Chinese/Japanese into pinyin/hiragana instead of the respective characters.
Anonymous 12 year

Are you familiar enough with MS's SDK to know that it is capable of doing this? We checked quickly to see if there is an alternative interface in the SDK but are unaware of any that would provide this capability.

Are their language packs that may do this automatically?

Le Zhang from United States  [11 posts] 12 year
I'm not familiar with the SDK at all, which is why I asked in hopes of there being a feature like this. It is too bad that it doesn't...maybe I should contact microsoft?

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