Liste Module error
august rodkey from United States  [2 posts]
14 year
When I click the Listen Module in RR, I get the error "Listen Module failed at CreateRecoContext!".  I have no idea what this means and have tried searching for it but I cannot come across anything.  Help would be appreciated!

Anonymous 14 year
This is the first call to the Microsoft SDK that should create a dictation context. While this is somewhat meaningless to most it basically means that the current install of MS Speech is not working in your case.

It seems that the module is detecting that MS Speech is installed but then immediately fails. This most likely happens when you have a previous version or one that has become corrupted.

Do you have version 5 of the sdk installed? Or a previous version?

august rodkey from United States  [2 posts] 14 year
I reinstalled the Microsoft SDK version 5 and the Listen Module is now working. Thanks for the help.

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