using the listen module in conjunction with other variables
Larry Hale from United States  [1 posts]
14 year
      I am not proficiant at vbs.  But I have been able to tweek your script form the colortacking tutorial to work with my robot that is a single drive motor and a sterring motor utilizing the sabertooth.  There are some small timming issues I will work out.  Anyway question is can I utilize the listen module in conjuction with cogx and cogboxsize varibles that I am using to
control speed and direction of my robot .  For example to say stop and stop the robot.  
Say go and robot would resume color tracking.  I loaded the one listen robofile and can see the varibles change in the watch varibles module
but they do not change when try to interface them with the sabertooth?  
Any help greatly appreciated.


Anonymous 14 year

Have a look at the attached robofile that we distribute with the Lynxmotion version. It is a simple example of how to use the listen module and a bit of VBScript to interpret what it hears.

Note that voice activation is not very reliable so using it to say STOP will work but might not be 100% so give your robot a wide margin when trying that.

Also note that in different rooms you will get different results. The quieter the room the better.


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