Geometric Statistics

The Geometric Statistics module adds a couple of image statistic variables centered around image geometry. These variables can then be used elsewhere in RoboRealm, for example in the conditional statement, VBScript module or exported to external programs using RoboRealm Plugins.


1. Scope - Click on the appropriate radio button to select if you want the statistics to be generated from the entire image or from an individual blob. If you select individual blobs non-black pixels in the current image will be used to form blobs. To see the statistics for an individual blob click on the blob within the main RoboRealm GUI window. That will switch the variable(x) denotation to that particular blob.

2. Statistics - The module can produce many statistical numbers based on the current image. To reduce CPU load for those applications that only require some basic numbers you can select Basic Statistics that will produce a subset of Advanced Statistics that are faster to compute.


AREA - the number of non-black (0,0,0) pixels in the current image

ANGLE - the orientation angle of the blob. This is calculated by determining the angle from the center of gravity of the blob to the furthest point from that center along the blob's perimiter.

ANGLE_ALT - alternative orientation angle of the blob. This is calculated by determining the vector formed by the center of gravity to the perimiter's center of gravity. If your blob has holes in it this may be a more stable way to determine blob orientation than ANGLE.

ANGLE_ALT_2 - alternative orientation angle of the blob. This is calculated by determining the average vector formed from a current perimiter point to the center of gravity.

COG_X, COG_Y - the center of gravity of the blob

PERIMETER - the number of pixels that surround non black blobs

AP_RATIO - AREA / PERIMETER, determines how round an image is; also known as "Perimeter Equivalent Diameter".

EQUIV_DIAMETER - the diameter of a circle with the same area as the region. Calculated as sqrt(4*Area/pi)

COMPACTNESS - (PERIMETER*PERIMETER) / AREA : ratio of the square of the perimeter to the area; also known as "shape".

COMPACTNESS_2 - sqrt(4*AREA/PI) / FERET : alternate compactness measure

CIRCULARITY - 4*PI*AREA/(PERIMETER*PERIMETER), measure of circularity.

CIRCULARITY_2 - alternate measure of circularity.

CIRCULARITY_3 - MIN_RADIUS/MAX_RADIUS : another alternate measure of circularity.

MAX_RADIUS - radius of enclosing circle around center of gravity

MIN_RADIUS - radius of enclosed circle around center of gravity

FERET - Feret's diameter also known as the caliper length or largest axis length: the greatest distance between any two non-zero pixels

FERET_AREA - FERET * BREATH; also know as Feret's bounding box

FERET_ORIENTATION - orientation of the Feret's diameter in degrees

- points that makeup the Feret diameter

BREATH - the largest axis perpendicular to the Feret diameter

ROUNDNESS - 4*AREA/(Pi*(FERET*FERET)), measure of roundness

MIN_X - minimum bounding box x coordinate

MIN_Y - minimum bounding box y coordinate

MAX_X - maximum bounding box x coordinate

MAX_Y - maximum bounding box y coordinate

EXTENT - proportion of the pixels in the bounding box that are also in the region. Calculated as (blob area / bounding box area).

- the extrema points of the image



WIDTH - the width of the object in pixels

HEIGHT - the height of the object in pixels

Note that you can highlight the appropriate statistics and press CTRL-C to copy the information to your clipboard. This information can then be pasted into Excel or other statistics programs.

See Also

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