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Another way to crash Python 2.x script implementation? [3]
STeven, great, thanks. This works now and allows to produce lists for stuff like display_text.
5 years 3 972
Bug in Python 2.x script implementation? [3]
STeven, I see your point. Though I use Python heavily, I did not try to use my own editor, but work...
5 years 4 911
OCR database creation [3]
STeven, thanks for your reply, which explained some things to me (such as the concept of not breaki...
5 years 9 1951
OCR database creation [5]
STeven, I have added an example since this may be nice for demonstration. This is digit recognition...
5 years 9 1951
OCR database creation [6]
STeven, thanks for the hint on database storage, you are correct, there it is.
5 years 9 1951
OCR database creation [7]
STeven, works with the shape matching module when manually extracting the single digits for trainin...
5 years 9 1951
One last bug for today ;-) [3]
STeven, the good news is that I can confirm that the error has vanished in the sample program which...
5 years 3 805
OCR database creation [9]
STeven, sorry, this was my fault, and has nothing to do with word separation. What actually happene...
5 years 9 1951
Is there a way to merge RoboRealm scripts? [5]
Seems to work now, and after line insertion seems to make more sense. Thanks!
5 years 5 914
Repeaded double click on module does not open window [3]
Seems fixed, thanks! Thomas...
5 years 3 828
Bug in Python 2.x Module [5]
STeven, sorry, no confirmation here, bug still exists in the above program and is reproducible.
5 years 7 1144
Permanent Crash reports [3]
The permanent crash reports are gone, everything fine again. Thanks, T...
5 years 3 799
Bug in Python 2.x Module [7]
Now it works properly, great, thanks! Thomas...
5 years 7 1144
RoboRealm 2.67.27 does not start any more [3]
STeven, That one works now. Version number has not changed, but install files are not byte identica...
5 years 3 792
STeven, also seems to work now, thank you! Thomas...
5 years 3 813
Sleep/Pause/Wait [3]
STeven, Sorry, but your program does not freeze anything here. And yes, I checked the value of the ...
5 years 5 1581
Local folders for shape match training allowed? [3]
STeven, thanks for the explanation. Having that bit of information stick somewhere in the documenta...
5 years 3 1178
Shape match: Inclusion of Samples [3]
Understood and agreed....
5 years 3 1189
Sleep/Pause/Wait [5]
STeven, OK, took me a moment to understand he concept but I got it. Thanks!
5 years 5 1581
Forum bug? [3]
Thanks, solved....
5 years 3 794

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