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Arduino 2560 [5]
CHRIS this may work,disconnect the MEGA board and start roborealm,then open the arduino robo file,it should open o...
6 years 5 1549
Arduino module? [9]
thanks alot STEVEN ,will try that ,good idea arduino is easy to learn...
6 years 8 3041
about using many modules [4]
i think it does but lets i want to have object recognition,then later on want navigation module,then latter on ano...
6 years 4 1581
about the sparkfun arduino board [4]
its not about the ARDUINO MENU its roborealm menu if will work with the new ARDUINO...
5 years 5 1275
about the sparkfun arduino board [5]
also i think any ARDUINO UNO BOARD WILL WORK ,only i dont know about the new chip design in the ARDUINO UNO board ,thats the big...
5 years 5 1275
about a new module [4]
thats great Steven getting the board in this saterday and got the camera in a few days ago,2.4 mhz with usb receiv...
5 years 3 862
what will EZ-ROBOT module come out [5]
YES i know it as a API still needs a interface to control in  roborealm...
5 years 7 1065
what will EZ-ROBOT module come out [7]
STEVEN i have 5 ez-robot boards if you need to borrow one  for testing...
5 years 7 1065
about a new module [4]
thanks Steven,mostlikely its comming from canada as soon as the module is made will buy another year of roborealm ...
5 years 3 733
what happen about the interface to EZ-ROBOT BOARD [3]
any update on this Steven...
4 years 3 941
about the RPLIDAR [3]
Steven i sell neato lidars and the python is same as Rplidar so it should work will check in week o...
3 years 4 1059

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