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problem in api using loadprogram in lisp [5]
thanks Steven it works when i change to port 8080 next to start roborealm when i start leaf...
13 year 4 2081
what happen about the interface to EZ-ROBOT BOARD [3]
any update on this Steven...
11 year 3 2160
module on I2C  buss [4]
looking for any module that has I2C as a input to read data from a sensor,and in roborealm pass the info to my next module.will ...
13 year 5 2370
Arduino module? [4]
Steven,what arduino board does the arduino module use it says UNO and MEGA BOARD,so i guess both of thenm using th...
13 year 8 4589
module on I2C  buss [5]
it looks like the serializer will work,since it can read any I2C sensor and the extra ports i can use for head rotate and tilt a...
13 year 5 2370
Arduino module? [5]
i see there is 2 boards DIECIMLA BOARD AND THE ONE YOU REFERENCE TO DUEMILANOVE,so Steven what sketch do i use with both boards...
13 year 8 4589
Arduino module? [7]
thanks Steven,only board i have is UNO and MEGA but MEL from leaf groups asked me about DUEMILANOVA board to help ...
13 year 8 4589
Arduino 2560 [5]
CHRIS this may work,disconnect the MEGA board and start roborealm,then open the arduino robo file,it should open o...
13 year 5 2665
module on I2C  buss [6]
Steven on the mosquitIO board i see I2C connection can be done like in the serializer board,since i have the board...
13 year 5 2370
Arduino module? [9]
thanks alot STEVEN ,will try that ,good idea arduino is easy to learn...
13 year 8 4589
about a new module [4]
thanks Steven,mostlikely its comming from canada as soon as the module is made will buy another year of roborealm ...
12 year 3 1913

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