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about the RPLIDAR
will it work with the neato lidar since its almost the same one or will you make a interface for it...
1 month 2 86
Wrapper classes for reading variables from RR_API [2]
where are the c++ files...
4 years 2 893
is there a module to detect color in a object [3]
Steven i guess i found the module colour statistics,and i think i need (if statement) module to average out the co...
4 years 2 618
can roborealm connect to srv-1 camera [2]
thinking of buying the SRV-1 camera for my robot projects and wanted to know can it be hook up without  the surveyor r...
6 years 2 688
is there a module to detect color in a object [2]
Steven is there a module to detect color in a object,like in my LEAF  robot project,(LEAF what color is this )...
4 years 2 618
Sparkfun Arduino control [3]
I THINK ON THE FIRST QUESTION you need this link ...
4 years 3 1015
about a new module [4]
thats great Steven getting the board in this saterday and got the camera in a few days ago,2.4 mhz with usb receiv...
2 years 3 471
what happen about the interface to EZ-ROBOT BOARD [3]
any update on this Steven...
1 year 3 450
what happen about the interface to EZ-ROBOT BOARD [2]
Steven what happen about adding the EZ-ROBOT BOARD TO ROBOREALM...
1 year 3 450
about a new module [4]
thanks Steven,mostlikely its comming from canada as soon as the module is made will buy another year of roborealm ...
2 years 3 363
about a new module [2]
Steven have you look at DJSURES EZ-ROBOT to interface with roborealm ,boards look good with wireless web camera ,voice recogniti...
2 years 3 471
about a new module [2]
Steven do you when you will be able to have the EZ-ROBOT board interface for roborealm...
2 years 3 363
about using many modules [2]
looking at using a few modules and making robo files how do  i use like follow red object,then irobot ro...
3 years 4 994
problem in api using loadprogram in lisp [3]
i did find one problem,i had 2 defun with the same name (followredobject) so i rename it now i get t...
4 years 4 830
problem in api using loadprogram in lisp [2]
this is my script (defun followredobject()   (loadprogram "c:\\\\program files\\\\roborea...
4 years 4 830
using a axon microcontroller [4]
ok thanks Steven looks like a good interface to roborealm,because can drive many servos,and pressure sensors ,temp...
6 years 4 1890
about using many modules [4]
i think it does but lets i want to have object recognition,then later on want navigation module,then latter on ano...
3 years 4 994
using a axon microcontroller [2]
i heard from another forum that you might have a interface to the axon microcontroller,do you know  when that will be ...
6 years 4 1890
problem in api using loadprogram in lisp [5]
thanks Steven it works when i change to port 8080 next to start roborealm when i start leaf...
4 years 4 830
Ping Ultrasonic Sensor / Arduino / Serial [3]
also want to use SR04 sonar with UNO board,i know sketch pad needs to be changed STEVEN any ideas how to do it,not...
3 years 5 3492

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