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How can I capture a Parallax "sequence" in RoboRealm?
I have a Parallax PSC controller and have captured a sequence of moves using their CPSCI program.  I would like to cap...
12 years 0 1501
How to Check if a specific fiducial is pressent?
I all Im trying to overlay some pictures over specific fiducial, its easy if there is only one pressend as i can j...
12 years 0 1784
Keyboard control over Lego Mindstorms
ok my goal was to control only one motor of my RCX robot using my keyboard, were when i press my left arrow key it supposed to m...
13 years 0 2855
Parameter of MSRS to RoboRealm
I want to ask... how can I know which parameter (or program?)  to pass from MSRS to RoboRealm?
13 years 1 1348
No Title
How do I use and process images from the simulated webcam in MSRS? What I want to do is shi...
14 years 1 1993
Blob identification and tracking
Hi, I was wondering how could I give blobs a unique identification (id) so I can track them individ...
13 years 1 2119
Read_HTTP, Write_Images shutdown
I created a simple program that uses one Read_HTTP module to read a 293 by 240 pixel .jpg image from my wife's website every 45...
13 years 1 1418
IP cam and more 3d/range issues
Is it possible to connect livestreams form cameras already on the net to RR? I can't find any references...
14 years 1 2170
I need help Please!!
Hi, First off, I just want to say kudos to everyone involved in creating this software. It is a wo...
13 years 1 1829
Stereo Vision
I'd like to do some research with stereo vision. I'd like to use two Logitech Orbit MPs. Is it possible to control the...
14 years 1 2424
Stereo Vision
Hi Steven, From what I see, RoboRealm is a great platform for robotic machine vision applications....
13 years 1 1609
Arrow position
Hello all, I'm trying to use rr to detect the arrows position on the target like in the image attached.
13 years 1 2054
Thank you for this brilliant tool
I have been working on a PC based robot since I saw the OAP project on the web. Mine uses XP and Java though, although the princ...
13 years 1 2075
Logitech Fusion exposure time
Is there a way for the program to set the Logitech Fusion exposure time using a variable or something? That way I can have it ru...
13 years 1 1421
Still Seemingly Having Problems With DC_Missile Module
I am still having the problem where my Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launcher is unable to be detected. The only real information is...
13 years 1 1380
How can i do for serial communication
   Hi Any serial communication PIC to PC example or how i obtained the variables...
15 years 1 2471
Set keys and Joystick
Is there a way to make RR set keys or create a joystick? I have use a pvc tube whit blue borders so...
13 years 1 1598
MTF & Strange Use
Hi There, I hope you don't mind people using this prog for other video image processing -...
14 years 1 2251
No Title
Here are some sample images.  The images were taken without compression using 16mm lenses from two cameras sep...
14 years 1 2162
srv-1b motor control not working
Hi, Has anyone used the motor control of the srv-1b module. When contr...
13 years 1 1635

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