Read_HTTP, Write_Images shutdown
Robert Wind from United States  [2 posts]
15 year
I created a simple program that uses one Read_HTTP module to read a 293 by 240 pixel .jpg image from my wife's website every 45 seconds.  I added a Write_Images module to save the current picture to my hard drive with incrementing numbers in the file names.
This works properly for about 55 images (about 70 kiloBytes each), and then RoboRealm closes itself down.  The whole main window for RoboRealm just disappears like it would if I clicked the red X box in the upper right corner. (It did this at much less than the maximum image number or maximum time that I entered in the Write_Images module.)
Something must be accumulating with each picture, eventually overflowing its memory bounds and shutting down RoboRealm.  Could you please examine those two modules and correct the problem?



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