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Hi, we bought a RR Personal software on October 29, 2012. We're not sure how much have been improved over the years. May conside...
8 year 2 2668
Saving AVI
STeven, I'm trying to set up a fixed time record based upon a condition of a certain variable SPEED.  Th...
8 year 7 2744
RPI Status
G'day one and all, I'm a new user of RoboRealm and found out about this excellent software via the ...
8 year 3 1649
Alerts - Signals - Beeps
How do I get Robo-realm to alert or signal when it identifies an object?  I would like Robo-realm to alert and send a ...
8 year 5 2016
Center of Gravity font install error
I am running RoboRealm 64 bit.  When I insert the Center of Gravity into my pipeline - I get the error "Missing font f...
8 year 2 1625
How to use minoru?
Hello STeven, I try to use a depth or disparity map from minoru 3d camera with the stereo module. ...
8 year 12 3379
Block Detection
    There is a module called Circles that can pick out circles from contour-based images, drawing a circle a...
8 year 4 1706
connect to modbus
does roborealm support Devicenet or only modbus? ...
8 year 2 2067
Defect Rubber
Hi Steven, I can not point out the defects in the central part of the rubber. I also have problems with the form c...
8 year 6 3179
How do I activate my license?
I have a license key from FIRST Robotics last year, but I don't know how to activate it. I had this...
8 year 3 1600
Windows 10 Compatibility
Recently I upgraded my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Will RoBoRealm work on Windows 10 or Windows 8?  Th...
8 year 2 1918
write cScript program to control  motor to run on selected path planning....
8 year 2 2016
Counting bread
Hi all. I have been asked to count bread. Yep but before its cooked. Here is a link to the items passing under a lens
8 year 4 1646
OCR is not working on my machine or I'm doing something wrong?
Hi Guys, greeting from Argentina. From several days ago I'm trying to work with OCR module, unfort...
8 year 3 2714
coin sorting based on shiny or not
Hey, can this software be used to sort coins based on how shiny or dirty they are? For example if ...
8 year 2 1654
Roborealm wth Flir one Android camera to detect IR signatures
I want to use roborealm to aim a paintball sentry gun with a pan and tilt servo connected to an arduino.
8 year 2 1569
importing variables into roborealm
i have generated an executable file of a python code.then i called that .exe file from roborealm using EXECUTE_PROGRAM. i need t...
8 year 14 2591
Socket Server
Hi Steven. I tried to connect my PIC32 (Via Ethernet Controller) with RR using socket server. I managed to get the...
8 year 15 3386
Socket Client data to Variable
STeven, I'm successfully getting TCP data sent to me from a radar device. Data looks like this and updates at 1 Hz...
8 year 8 3553
hardware needed
Hi Steven, We would like to know what hardware needed to process the Real-Time stabilizer and is t...
8 year 2 2061

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