The Joystick module provides you a way to interface a joystick to your robotic projects. This can be useful if you need a manual override or to provide suggestions to your control program. It is also useful for testing out mechanical designs prior to automatic control.

As there are many joysticks with different capabilities this module attempts to capture the basics of what might be needed. You can edit the interface and try moving your joystick around to see how the stick, buttons and levers change values in the interface. From that you can map the values into RoboRealm variables that are used within other modules to perform certain actions.



1. Device - Select your appropriate joystick device from the dropdown list. If your joystick does not appear close this interface, plug in your joystick and double click on the joystick module to reshow the GUI interface. Then select your joystick from the dropdown menu.

2. You should now be able move your joystick and see the guages moving appropriately. By pressing the joystick buttons you should see the red 0 numbers change to a green 1 when pressed.

3. Joystick, Twist, Throttle, etc - Specify the variable that you would like to be set with the corresponding joystick value. You can either type in a new variable name or use an existing one from the dropdown menu.

4. Buttons - specify which variables should be set to 0 or 1 depending on the current status of the appropriate button.


The interface above has been configured to assign the joystick X coordinates to a variable called "joy_x", Y to "joy_y" and the fire button to the variable "fire".

For more information

USB Missile Launcher Tutorial

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