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USB Missile Launcher

The following tutorial illustrates how a to translate values from your PC Joystick to control a USB Missile Launcher and fire at objects that you see from its point of view.

If you are impatient you can skip to the last page of this tutorial and watch the videos!

The USB Missile Launcher used in this tutorial is sold by Dream Cheeky and is available from serveral retailers like for around $30.00. We used an inexpensive WebCam that you can get for around $15.00 for the targeting video view. Held together by elastic bands (yes, very sophisticated construction here!) the system comes together for under $50.00 with about 5 minutes of construction time ... and hours of fun!

Upgraded USB Missile Launcher

The goal of this project was to use a PC based joystick to control the Launcher whilst looking at the video camera stream on the PC. This platform would allow for distance based firing without needing to be within the vicinity of the Launcher.

In order to connect the software pieces together we used three RoboRealm modules.

  • Joystick - provides access to the joystick values
  • VBScript - used to scale the joystick values to Launcher control values
  • DC_Missile - provides the interface to the Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launcher
The first step is to map the joystick values to RoboRealm variables ...

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