Joystick Values
Ben Graham from United States  [17 posts]
13 year
I was wondering if there was any way to set a variable as a joystick value.  I know it is possible to read input from a joystick but can I send data out as a joystick value?  One option I was thinking of was using the OSC module in RR to send the data to GlovePie (a joystick program), but OSC does not work in GlovePie so this would not work.

Thanks for any tips or ideas on how to send out joystick values,

Anonymous 13 year

Unfortunately what you are asking for is a virtual joystick emulator ... this is not unlike our Virtual Webcam device driver but we do not have a Joystick driver in this fashion. While this is theoretically possible to do I'm not sure we have enough demand for this to make it a reality.

One alternative is to use another Virtual Driver like


and use the Keyboard_Send module to send the appropriate keys.

I've seen any other virtual joystick drivers so I'm not sure if this is really possible.

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