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Hello, I am trying to use a Client/Server infrastructure using the Client/Server Distributor.  If I am using a Roboard with webcam as the server sending a video stream to the client which will do all of the processing. Does the code for any module I use sit on the client or server or both depending on the situation.  Is there a sample program I can look at?

So here is my situation:
Server = Roboard with webcam - where does this module sit
Client = PC receiving video stream and sending joystick variables
Anonymous 12 year

This is a common situation. Should work well in a RoBoard situation since its processing capabilities are certainly less than a laptop/desktop.

Server - just sends motor values through roboard and captures video
Client - reads joystick values and converts to motor movements. Sends those to server and reads back image.

Attached are examples of both. You will need to config the client distributor to the right ip address of the server. This assumes some motor is connected to pins 1 and 2 of the PWM on the roboard.

Scott Portocarrero from United States  [12 posts] 12 year
Thanks Steven,  I don't this the client program was attached
Anonymous 12 year


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