Display Variables

The Display Variables module will draw variables and their values into the current video stream for use in recording and display purposes. Note that the graphics are overlaid after all processing is completed to ensure that added graphics do not become part of the processed image.

When recording a filtered sequence it can be useful for end viewers to include any statistics within the image that you are trying to achieve.



1. Insert a variable by double clicking on an available variable or select a variable and click on the insert button.

2. Once a variable is in a slotted box it can be moved to alternate locations using the yellow arrow keys. Note that the double up and down arrows move the variable to the next up or below location box.

3. Dim background - Select if you would like to "dim" the background of the text area. This reduces the background of the text intensity to make it easier to read the white text.

4. Border Color - Select the color of the box that surrounds the text.

5. Font Size - Select the font size to use for displaying the variables.

6. Font Color - Select the font color to use for displaying the variables.

7. Display as Annotation - Select if you want the graphic to be draw after all processing has been completed. If this is NOT selected then the next module in the processing pipeline will see the graphic as if it were part of the image and process it accordingly.

8. When done press ok to save the current configuration. Note that any changes are immediately visible in the image preview in the main dialog.


Annotated image

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