MIN_X and MIN_Y issues when calculating distance to the COG
muaammar from Malaysia  [3 posts]
10 years
HI, I am using roborealm to find the maximum distance of the COG of an object to either top,bottom,right or left to decide the desirable movements according largest distance. The problem i faced is that the reading provided by the display variables module of MIN_X and MIN_Y are not accurate, while the MAX_X and MAX_Y are accurate tested by placing the mouse and reading the mouse coordinates. How to solve this problem where the offset values of MIN_X and MIN_Y are varying all the time, attached few images to further explain the problem.

Anonymous 10 years

I think what is happening is that some of the graphics are altering the results. Be sure to check the "use as annotation" to ensure that the image stats do NOT include graphics printed from previous modules.

If you can include your robofile and two of the original images we can better check if this is the case.


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