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13 years
Hello Roborealm

How is it possible to display an image filenmae on the Robo screen.
How can the source name of an image can be connected to a marker or to a saved image.
How can the filename be saved from a VBscript box.
The variable IMAGE_FILENAME doesn't appear in the list of available variables.

What I need is a linker between a source image name, and the end result image.

How can it be done.


Anonymous 13 years

Please download 2.10.8 and you will now see 2 new variables. IMAGE_PATH (the full image name) and IMAGE_FILENAME (just the actual filename with the image extension).

You could now use the


within the marker name and it would save the current image using the filename.

But I don't think that is what you really need. To save the image via the VBScript module what you want to do is add the Write_Image module and surround that with a IF_STATEMENT module using some variable name that you set or reset within the VBScript module. In this way the VBScript controls if the current image is written or not.

See attached robofile for an example.



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