Make variables easily visible
Thomas Wagner from Germany  [51 posts]
8 years

If one wants to monitor the actual values of variables at a certain position of the program, one has to use e.g. the display_variable module.

Since this is a frequent requirement for debugging, might it be helpful to e.g. add one additional button next to color, which opens a display window for variables? That window would stay open till closed, and show the current values of all variables at the code line which is currently highligthed.

Just an idea ... maybe there is already a similar feature, but I have not found it.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1443 posts] 8 years
Yes, that has come up before. Use the Watch_Variables instead and see


for some additional tips for that module.

Anonymous 8 years
Great, thanks, sorry for not having been aware.

Maybe another issue for the tips and tricks page.

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