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RoboRealm DLL

Download Examples of using the RoboRealm DLL

The RoboRealm DLL specifies a shared library interface into RoboRealm modules. The DLL is meant to be incorporated into another applications that wish to directly utilize the RoboRealm modules. Note that the RoboRealm.dll is located within your RoboRealm Commercial installation folder (typically c:\Program Files\RoboRealm\) and comes as part of the download link that you used to install the GUI application. Once you have access to this DLL you can copy it to alternative locations as needed.

Note, the RoboRealm.dll file and associated header and library files are ONLY available if you have purchased the Commercial version of RoboRealm.

The RoboRealm DLL is meant for advanced users that are familiar with working with low level functions and integration of Windows applications. We do not recommend the DLL interface for those that are unfamiliar with Windows shared libraries. Instead, use either the scripting modules or the API which are simpler to utilize.


Like the RoboRealm API, the DLL specifies calls into the DLL to perform various functions. Please note, the DLL AND the API have exactly the same COM functions! Thus, we recommend you start using the API instead as it is easier to determine what is happening within RoboRealm with the GUI exposed. When you are ready, switching to the DLL calls is a simple change. This symmetry between the API and the DLL function provides the ability to leverage which technique is most appropriate for your application with minimal changes if you decide to switch.

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