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Local folders for shape match training allowed? [3]
STeven, thanks for the explanation. Having that bit of information stick somewhere in the documenta...
9 year 3 2437
Detect whether camera is present?
STeven, is there a way to automatically detect whether any camera is present or not? ...
9 year 3 2006
Shape match: Inclusion of Samples
Follow up: An inclusion of training samples into the RoboRealm Source code (as you can do it for im...
9 year 3 2468
CTRL C CTRL V bug [3]
STeven, tried to reproduce this today and it did not work. I will observe, issue closed from my sid...
9 year 3 1818
Python in camera mode
STeven, the attached program works with multiple images from file. If ...
9 year 3 3041
Repeaded double click on module does not open window
STeven, (I have tested this with our 3 line program.robo from the OCR thread, but should work with ...
9 year 3 1794
Local folders for shape match training allowed?
STeven, is it possible to assigna a local subfolder to a shap match training sample set, such as a ...
9 year 3 2437
Make variables easily visible
STeven, If one wants to monitor the actual values of variables at a certain position of the program...
9 year 3 2236
Forum bug? [3]
Thanks, solved....
9 year 3 1740
Detect whether camera is present? [3]
9 year 3 2006
STeven, also seems to work now, thank you! Thomas...
9 year 3 1607
STeven, I am trying to copy multiple lines from one program to another. I can select multiple lines...
9 year 3 1818
One last bug for today ;-) [3]
STeven, the good news is that I can confirm that the error has vanished in the sample program which...
9 year 3 1578
Permanent Crash reports [3]
The permanent crash reports are gone, everything fine again. Thanks, T...
9 year 3 1691
RoboRealm 2.67.27 does not start any more [3]
STeven, That one works now. Version number has not changed, but install files are not byte identica...
9 year 3 1731
Forum bug?
STeven, I observe that there is a change in Forum functionality, so far when I selected category "m...
9 year 3 1740
Inconsistency with set variable
If you use the set variable module and change either the name or the value of a variable from small to capital letters, things d...
9 year 3 2655
One last bug for today ;-)
STeven, one last crash for today with the Python module. Program runs with a=19 and crashes with a ...
9 year 3 1578
Permanent Crash reports
With version .21 I get a crash report now each time I start the program. I have stopped sending these now.
9 year 3 1691
When I enter PROCESS_TIME into the search window of your main menu ba...
9 year 3 1607

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