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Test Module
(Sorry, this belongs to test module, but I cannot select it, therefore the post will probably not show up there. No posts there ...
6 years 2 1701
String or variable concatenation
Is there any easy way to do string concatenation (add two strings), e.g. add a string and a value, for display? <...
6 years 2 1236
Python in camera mode
STeven, the attached program works with multiple images from file. If ...
7 years 3 2322
Inconsistency with set variable
If you use the set variable module and change either the name or the value of a variable from small to capital letters, things d...
7 years 3 1880
Bug in multiline cut and if statement
If you try to cut a complete if statement till its end with a multiline cut, things get messed up pretty bad....
7 years 2 1836
Bug with double if creation
Ich you create two if statement directly in sequence, mark the second one and move it upwards, in walks into the first if. OK. T...
7 years 2 1685
Detect whether camera is present? [3]
7 years 3 1397
Detect whether camera is present?
STeven, is there a way to automatically detect whether any camera is present or not? ...
7 years 3 1397
Counting Dices
STeven regarding your counting dice tutorial, is it possible to not only determine the overall coun...
7 years 2 1830
Blob filter explanation
STeven, Two questions: * can you explain the meaning of the Object1, Object 2 tabs an...
7 years 2 2049
CTRL C CTRL V bug [3]
STeven, tried to reproduce this today and it did not work. I will observe, issue closed from my sid...
7 years 3 1252
STeven, I am trying to copy multiple lines from one program to another. I can select multiple lines...
7 years 3 1252
Forum bug? [3]
Thanks, solved....
7 years 3 1160
Forum bug?
STeven, I observe that there is a change in Forum functionality, so far when I selected category "m...
7 years 3 1160
Python in separate editor
STeven, you mentioned earlier that it makes sense to do python development for more complex program...
7 years 2 1282
Sleep/Pause/Wait [3]
STeven, Sorry, but your program does not freeze anything here. And yes, I checked the value of the ...
7 years 5 2097
Is there a way to freeze an image for a few seconds? In case that I have found a result, I'd like t...
7 years 5 2097
Sleep/Pause/Wait [5]
STeven, OK, took me a moment to understand he concept but I got it. Thanks!
7 years 5 2097
Make variables easily visible
STeven, If one wants to monitor the actual values of variables at a certain position of the program...
7 years 3 1563
Shape match: Inclusion of Samples
Follow up: An inclusion of training samples into the RoboRealm Source code (as you can do it for im...
7 years 3 1705

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