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Using the new GPS module [4]
I won't be using the GPS for heading info, only the digital compass.  I plan on using GPS info for course to next way...
11 years 8 4419
Using the new GPS module [2]
I'm planning an autonomous boat project and am considering using RoboRealm for the guidance system using the new GPS Reader mod...
11 years 8 4419
Pololu Micro Maestro [3]
Hi Doug, It might work by using RoboRealm's Pololu SSC setting ( ...
12 years 7 4303
interfacing ps3 controller with rr [3]
PS3 controllers are not directly plug and play compatible with Microsoft Windows applications, so you'll need to find a 3rd par...
12 years 2 2018
Parsing GPS NMEA strings? [2]
Anyone have any experience with parsing strings (NMEA 0183 sentences to be exact) received from a GPS?  I opened the s...
12 years 3 2805
Parsing GPS NMEA strings? [4]
Thanks Steven.  Thanks for the link and good to hear you're developing a GPS module.  What would be even be...
12 years 3 2805
Real-time image enhancement with RR? [4]
Looks good, thanks Steven....
13 years 3 3359
Real-time image enhancement with RR? [2]
This might be a bit off topic, but I was wondering if RoboRealm might be used for something like "real-time image enhancement"...
13 years 3 3359
Feature Request - GUI slider? [4]
I was thinking it would be similar to the "Button Interface", but would allow you to set a variable value within a range of va...
13 years 4 3269
Feature Request - GUI slider? [2]
Any plans to add a "slider" type GUI element (for adjusting variable values, etc.)?...
13 years 4 3269
Read NMEA / data strings? [4]
Are there any plans for an RR module for any other digital compass?  I picked the Ocean Server device as it seems to b...
13 years 4 1810
Read NMEA / data strings? [2]
I'm interested in displaying a compass heading in RR.  The compass I'm considering is here: ...
13 years 4 1810
Joystick => Servo controller [4]
Ok, thanks Steven.  With a bit of experimenting I was able to get it to work perfectly.  Interesting that yo...
13 years 4 5440
Joystick => Servo controller [2]
Hi, I'm new to RR and just started my 30 day demo.  Before buying RR one of the first things I want to ...
13 years 4 5440

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