interfacing ps3 controller with rr
paddy from Ireland  [4 posts]
9 years
the joystick module detects the playstation3 controller but when i move the d-pad or any of the analog sticks nothing happens the buttons dont work either, i have interfaced the logictech 3 controller with my project and it works great but now i want to go wireless so im trying to get the ps3 controller to work, im using the provided usb cable to interface it first before i try do it wirelessly. i would be very grateful for any help and thanks to every1 who has helped me so far
bigkahuna from United States  [14 posts] 9 years
PS3 controllers are not directly plug and play compatible with Microsoft Windows applications, so you'll need to find a 3rd party driver which will allow you to use it with RR.  I did a quick google for "ps3 controller on PC" and found a bunch of them.

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