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vb.net 2008 rr api calls [2]
how to use the vb.net 2008 rr api...i saw the text.vb source file but it has the sample calls for roborealms...i wnted to kno wh...
10 years 2 1258
java socket programming [4]
what do u mean...if i makean api....then i haeto create ascket isnt it??then my java program has to communicate with it
10 years 5 2110
java socket programming [2]
iam creating a java gui to control my robot according to the readings taken by roborealm.. my probl...
10 years 5 2110
java socket programming [5]
u were right...the RR_API already has the routines written ...i hav to write a cuztom program which will use the functions of th...
10 years 5 2110
interfacing roborealm with vb or java [2]
i wanted to add some custom programs for creating a gui for my robot..now how do i interface those programs..which may be either...
10 years 2 1282
API calls to Roborealm [4]
directly download the API...the programmers of roborealm hav written down te API modules already we jstt have to use the functio...
10 years 3 1597
parallel port motor control [4]
yes iam using a motor driver...l293d...i can directly connect the 4 i/o pins to the 4 l293d pins which control the motor...why d...
10 years 5 5750
parallel port motor control [2]
i wanted to know how can u control motors using the parallel port using roborealm..plz help me.....
10 years 5 5750
cant interface with the parallel port [2]
iam having trouble interfacing with the parallel port plzz help me...if i have assigned variable ugo to pin 2 and set bit 1 to t...
10 years 3 1158

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