java socket programming
jaydeep from India  [9 posts]
9 years
iam creating a java gui to control my robot according to the readings taken by roborealm..

my problem is that if i use java then i must open up a socket for communication with roborealm...no should i use roborealm api to create a listen server or should i use normal socket in roborealm which will communicate with the listen server made by java and send in the variables as string which i want...

and should that socket be in tcp/ip protocol or udp protocol...(iam talking abt the socket created in java)
Anonymous 9 years
Did you look at the API examples download ? (http://www.roborealm.com/downloads/API.zip) Esentually your just making a soap request or XML request to the RR server all the code is in the api java file already for making a connection to RR.
jaydeep from India  [9 posts] 9 years
what do u mean...if i makean api....then i haeto create ascket isnt it??then my java program has to communicate with it
jaydeep from India  [9 posts] 9 years
u were right...the RR_API already has the routines written ...i hav to write a cuztom program which will use the functions of the api..and not make any api myselff....although i can but why go through this tedious job..when u have the premade api modules...
Anonymous 9 years

You should download the API java version from


and see in the Java folder how to do this. No sense in recreating the code that has already been done and is available to you.

But to answer you question it is a client based socket TCP connection typically on port 6060. You will not need the listen server in Java, just a client to a server socket connection (i.e. the easier mode).


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