API calls to Roborealm
Ben from Your Country  [6 posts]
11 years
I have Visual Basic 6, and am looking for some help making API calls to roborealm. I know there is the API server in roborelm, which I assume has to be enabled for this to work. But I don't know what commands to use in VB6. Could someone let me know if there's an include file or some kind of writeup of all Roborealm API commands, and how to call them from Visual Basic 6?
Anonymous 11 years
See http://www.roborealm.com/downloads/API.zip there is a Visual Basic example in the zip. Also read the documentation http://www.roborealm.com/help/API.php
jaydeep from India  [9 posts] 11 years
directly download the API...the programmers of roborealm hav written down te API modules already we jstt have to use the functions...

no need to go through the tedious job of making our own API calls...

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