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client server distribution [4]
thank you steven for the update, i was able to get things to work, however it is still a little buggy, it didn't want to work r...
7 years 4 1096
client server distribution [2]
hello, i have a robot with a laptop on it, is use roborealm as my robots main control program, howe...
7 years 4 1096
au3 extention [4]
thank you for the replay you bring a good point, i never thought of that. at first im just asking t...
8 years 3 1293
au3 extention [2]
hello rr, i was wondering if you could add a module be able to write autoit code like the vbscript ...
8 years 3 1293
Split input as diffrent sources [6]
ok thank you, no vista....
8 years 5 1002
Split input as diffrent sources [2]
Hello, I have a camera feed that displays 4 cameras into one picture I was wonder if it is possible...
8 years 5 1002
Object Tracking And Triggering [3]
any help?...
8 years 3 1442
Object Tracking And Triggering [2]
hello, im working on a wifi rover that has a computer for rr to run. the rover's controller has 1 ...
8 years 3 1442

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