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13 year

i have a robot with a laptop on it, is use roborealm as my robots main control program, however when i want to control the robot i have to walk along with it with the joystick.

i looked into the client server distribution extension, however i can't seem to figure it out. would the server only have the gps and servo controller modules, and anything hardware interaction based? and the client would just request that data? and then send the updated data back to the hardware modules on the server?

im having some trouble with sending variables back to the server, my client keeps crashing, i noticed one time the connection was being opened and closed real fast, thus crashing it.

if someone could help me please, i have attached the main program that im working on, and am trying to split it into two programs; client/server

Anonymous 13 year

You will need to download the latest version of RoboRealm and then check the attached zip file which has a client and server configuration based on your single robofile. The server is to be run on the robot and the client on your laptop with joystick attached. Basically the client just transmits all the joystick related variables to the robot which then acts on them as if the joystick is attached to the robot.

Hope this helps ...


seesoe  [8 posts] 13 year
thank you steven for the update, i was able to get things to work, however it is still a little buggy, it didn't want to work right away.

what compression would i use if i wanted the client to receive images from the server and send a set a variables?

thanks again
Anonymous 13 year

Make sure you have the most recent version as we did make some fixes in that module the other day. (not sure if that made it to the logs).

In terms of compression it will depend on your network and image quality needs. If you have a superfast network then just use one of the RGB 555, etc. encodings which will provide best image quality. Otherwise chose one of the lossy techniques that will dramatically reduce the image size (and thus network utilization) but at the cost of image quality and increased CPU utilization.

Try setting it to different values and see what works best for you.


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