au3 extention
seesoe  [8 posts]
13 year
hello rr,

i was wondering if you could add a module be able to write autoit code like the vbscript module

Anonymous 13 year
Do you think that it would be better if the autoit script would call RoboRealm or RoboRealm call an autoit script? We often have an issue in which way round this should work as it really depends on what you are doing with autoit. For example, we can incorporate an autoit script module like the VBScript module but we can also create an API in autoit that would control/call RoboRealm. The question is which application should be the control?

seesoe  [8 posts] 13 year
thank you for the replay

you bring a good point, i never thought of that. at first im just asking that rr can call on an autoit script (keeping rr the control).

however it would be nice to extend rr with an autoit udf. it would take projects to another level. for example my robot's main control program is scripted in autoit. maybe later on down the line if there is enough support and time, a udf can be made. actually it wouldn't be to hard, rr and autoit have sockets.

thank you

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