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High resolution video capture
Hi I would like to find an inexpensive system to get several high resolution video streams (multi-megapixel) into robore...
17 year 2 2160
Error in high res shape matching
I get the error "Invalid type in calculateShapeHistogram" when trying to train shape matching on the attached image. <...
17 year 2 1990
Motion detection - save stream
Hi, I'm new to roborealm, and the purpose that i'd like to use it for is not related to r...
17 year 3 4380
problem with keyboard mod?
I have a problem with the keyboard mod.  When I put all 4 keyboard commands in one mod, it only works for the...
17 year 5 2360
missing module
i cant find the marker module(it's suposed to be in the arithmetic) after a while i did find out how to a...
17 year 2 1956
Problem API C++ and RS232
I've downloaded the API C++ source code and I've modified the main.ccp for my use. In my program I use a function for...
17 year 5 3059
hey, i am doing a project in medical image processing, the images below shows the ECG in tiff format, my aim is to extra...
17 year 0 2962
rxc transmitting problem
eh... hi... i was trying to send something to my rcx box... a HUGE program... but somehow... after a couple tries... i c...
17 year 2 2104
Snapshot for further processing
hi i am working on a project with RR.  i need to use a camera/webcam to record ev...
16 year 2 1966
Multiple Cameras
I was trying to set up two USB cameras using the "Transform/Mosaic" module and having some difficulty getting both cam...
16 year 3 2374
VB Script array
Hi I am using RR in a slightly diferent way to most by reading the forum. I am using it for...
16 year 4 4005
Find Circles
Trying to ascertain if there is a way of manipulating this image to complete the circles and clean the image of anything...
16 year 7 2992
extension with dll
Hi, Im trying to use the dll extensions, but when I compile the example appears a dialog box (picture below) and I dont...
16 year 2 2068
Program not starting
The roborealm program issn't starting anymore after working fine the first time. It gives me a "encouterd a problem an...
16 year 3 2142
write variables each x frames?
Hi, i'm looking for a simple way to write variables each x number of frames? is this possi...
16 year 2 2217
No Title
Including the picture in jpg
16 year 1 3274
Using multiple LEDs to initiate mouse movement and button clicks
I'm very new to this, and I'd like to know if it would be possible to have the mouse follow one blob (like in the mous...
16 year 3 2062
Vanishing point plus lateral displacement?
    I plan on using vanishing point as a reference for the RSSC Hallway contest in October. &nb...
16 year 1 2103
Target for multiple object whit same color
Hi there, first post and want to say what and amazing program, im a robot builder for several Robocup classes and this s...
16 year 4 2471
ECG continiued..
hey, the .robo file that was given to me works fine,(it accurately extracts the ECG wave) in the next step i wish to tra...
16 year 4 2117

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