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Why track colors?

Tracking objects based on color is one of the quickest and easiest methods for tracking an object from one image frame to the next. The speed of this technique makes it very attractive for near-realtime applications but due to its simplicity many issues exist that can cause the tracking to fail. This tutorial is about how you can use a colored object's size to distance the robot (i.e. our BucketBot robot) from that object. Note that RoboRealm is running ON the robot as it is equipped with Windows 2000 and a NTSC camera with a USB digitizer.

First, let's start by looking at an image which contains an object to be tracked.

Green ball to be detected

The sample image taken from BucketBot's camera contains a green ball. We'd like to move the robot away from the ball (i.e. backwards) when the ball approaches and move towards the ball (forward) when it moves away.

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