Object trackng school project
dries de groote from Belgium  [3 posts]
10 year
Hi, i'm a student and i have to make a project.
I have to make a large robot that automaticly follows me, and i thaught of using this software.
i installed the trial of Roborealm, but i really don't know how to start it.
I really hope you can help me!
David Chik from Japan  [31 posts] 10 year
What kind of robot do you have ?

In my case, I use Logicool c920 webcam and iRobot Create wheelbase.

I use Fiducials (some marker pattern) for the robot to recognize me. I print out the arrow marker and carry it. Then the robot will follow me. In RoboRealm, I need to run Fiducial module, set Min Confidence from 30 to 80, tick the Create Fiducial Array, press Train, then OK. Then run the irobot create module. Then run the VBScript module. The VBScript is like this:

speed = 30
keep_distance = 7
halfwidth = GetVariable("IMAGE_WIDTH") / 2
fiducials = GetArrayVariable("FIDUCIALS")
names = GetStrVariable("FIDUCIALS_PATH")
if isArray(fiducials) then
  if ubound(fiducials) > 0 then
    for i=0 to ubound(fiducials)-1 step 17
      nstart = fiducials(i+15)
      nend = fiducials(i+16)

      NameNow = mid(names, nstart+1, nend-5)

      if NameNow = "arrow" then
        ArrowSize = fiducials(i+11)
        ArrowX = fiducials(i+9)
        if ArrowSize < keep_distance then
          leftMotor = 128 + speed * (ArrowX / halfwidth) + speed
          rightMotor = 128 - speed * (ArrowX / halfwidth) + speed
          leftMotor = 128
          rightMotor = 128
        end if
      end if
  end if
end if
SetVariable "LEFT_MOTOR", leftMotor
SetVariable "RIGHT_MOTOR", rightMotor

That's it!
Anonymous 10 year
i'm using wiper motor's, and i have an arduino and a motor controller.
Is it possible to do this with this program? Because i don't know how to connect with the arduino.

Anonymous 10 year
i really hope someone can help me with this.
David Chik from Japan  [31 posts] 10 year
I don't know about arduino. Only find this:

Hope other people will answer you.

Steven from United States  [1445 posts] 10 year
Have a look at


and then wear a green shirt!


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