SSC-32 Problem
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12 year

When I try to run the code attached , and disable the Lynxmotion_SSC, the code seems to run just fine ( I mean the pan and tilt Variables runs correct in VBscripts) but when I enable it these variables get stuck (the Pan is stuck on 1200 + or - 17)

Please Help :)
Thanks in Advance
Anonymous 12 year

The comparison in your VBScript is the wrong way. You have

if size < 85 then

which should be

if size > 85 then

that statement needs to check that something exists in the image of size 85 or greater. If there is then movement can be changed in accordance to that. The way your current version reads is that when there is something in the image at that size it will freeze and only when nothing is in the image then a movement will be made ... but in relation to nothing ... which makes it look random.

Make the comparison switch and see if that helps.

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Steven , I was running a very old version of RR , and took the old code and ran it on the latest version. When I rewrote the code in the new version it worked.

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