Joystick Driving

 Download the Joystick drive robofile.

  1. First double click on the WowWee module in the processing pipeline. It may take a while to appear since it will immediately try to connect to the default Rovio setting at When it does appear change the IP address to the one you are using. If you do not know the IP address of the robot you will have to check your router information.

    If you have already configured the Rovio in a previous robofile then the IP address should already be configured for your robot assuming the "Remember as default" in the Rovio GUI interface is set.

  2. Once you get the right IP address you should see the image from the Rovio in the main RoboRealm GUI. From here double click on the Joystick module and select your joystick device in that GUI interface. If configured correctly you should see the gauges move in that interface in response to your joystick movements. You should also notice that the Rovio is also moving based on your joystick commands.

  3. The joystick module is responsible for recording the movements of your first joystick handle which will translate the Rovio forward, backward, left and right. Using the second handle (assuming a Sony playstation joystick) will rotate the robot clockwise and counter-clockwise. The buttons also perform actions:

    Button 1 - lift the head up
    Button 2 - lift the head to the middle
    Button 3 - lower the head down
    Button 4 - switch on the Rovio's light

    These buttons and joystick values are then interpreted by the VBScript module to set the "move" variable to the correct value.

  4. Double clicking on any module brings up that modules interface. You can explore what each module does by viewing its interface.