Segment Colors

The Segment Colors module is functionally similar to the Flood Fill module which reduces the number of colors in an image in an effort to create meaningful blobs. Meaningful blobs are pixels grouped together that share a common color that hopefully make up a representative grouping of an object to be analyzed.

The Segment Colors differs from the Flood Fill in that it uses a faster and more stable blob creation routine that should create blobs that are more similar to past blobs in preceding frames. The Flood Fill module has a tendency to flicker the blob's color when viewed at a very high level of grouping that can cause blobs not to be matched correctly in successive frames. In addition to the other modules the Segment Colors offers a new way to create blobs.



1. Tolerance - Select the Tolerance level for merging of colored pixels. Lower values create larger blobs (and fewer colors)

2. Detail Size - Select how much detail should remain in the blob image. Larger values will create bigger connected blobs. Smaller values (including 0) will retain single pixel blobs and best represent the image pixel colors.


SourceSegment Colors

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