Read AVI

Note that this module is only provided for backward compatibility. For playback of AVI files please see the Media Reader which supports more formats and different video sizes.

The Read AVI module allows you to process an image sequence without having a live camera feed. Looping playback will restart the video stream once the stream has ended.



1. Filename - Specify the file to read in the "Filename" text box. Click on "..." to browse your file system.

2. Start - To start playback press "Start". You can also manually stop the playback by pressing "Stop".

3. Loop Playback - If you want to ensure that the video loops around and around click on the "Loop Playback" checkbox.

4. Playback Speed - to speed up the playback of a slow video select a playback speed. This is useful if you want to process a video and produce the frames as quickly as possible.

5. Frame Increment - if you do not need to process every frame you can cause frames to be skipped in order to proceed through the video quickly.

6. Skip first - if the start of your video contains unnecessary frames select how many seconds to skip into the video before starting playback.

Note that you must press start for the playback to start streaming. Simply pressing OK will NOT begin playback.

See Also

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