Cropping problems
John Wood from United Kingdom  [67 posts]
10 year
I have just downloaded the Robo update and experiencing some funny effects on the Crop Module.

When I crop an image the crop module does not show the image in the module nor can I drag the box or resize. I can though change the crop using the X,Y numerics and cropping is seen OK in the pipeline..

When I crop an AVI I have the same effect as above, though the pipeline shows the original AVI with the cropped area is superimposed on the original AVI but the cropped area is  made up of horizontal lines, these lines get finer the further I crop the image.

I use Windows7 64 bit.

It was OK pre upgrade though not used the RR for about a month with the old system.
Is it my computer graphics gone AWOL or is there a glitch.
All the other modules seem OK
I have tried it on all my old files and the problem is still there.
Made a short pipeline to check the problem and is as above..
Any ideas.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year

Sorry about the confusion. We added a condition check that was causing that display to fail. That should be fixed now in the latest version.

Thanks for the note.
John Wood from United Kingdom  [67 posts] 10 year
Hi Steven,

Thanks for your speedy response, much appreciated.
I will download the update and see how we get on.


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