Provides an interface to the Phidgets 888 Interface Kit. The Interface kit has 8 digital output, 8 digital inputs and 8 analog inputs that provide you with enough inputs and outputs to interface with many sensors. The board is generic in that the analog inputs can be used with distance sensors such as IR or sonar but also with any analog sensor like compass, gyro's, etc. The digital outputs can be used to interface with LED's, relays, etc.

Note that the 888 Interface Kit module is also compatible with other Interface Kits like 0/0/4 Interface Relay Kit.



1. Digital Inputs Variable - Select or type in a variable that will receive a 1 when a signal is detected in the appropriate channel.

2. Digital Inputs Bit - Select which bit within the variable should be set if a signal is detected in that digit port. Setting the bit selection to nothing will cause a 1 or 0 to be used. Setting the bit to 2 will cause the variables value to contain a 1 or 0 in the 3rd bit (4 value) of the variable. Note that setting a bit will NOT affect any other bits. Using this you can construct a binary number using a single bit per channel.

3. Digital Outputs Variable - Select or type in a variable that contains a non-zero number when a signal should be produced in the appropriate digital out channel/pin.

4. Digital Outputs Bit - Select which bit should be tested in the variable to determine if a signal is to be produced in the desired channel. Selecting a bit allows you to use output a binary number using several channels/pins.

5. Analog Input Variable - Select or type in a variable that will receive the analog channel's value. The actual value being read from the analog channel is displayed next to the variable dropdown in an inactive textbox.

6. Ratiometric - Select if your analog measurements are Ratiometric. Ratiometric refers to the output voltage of the sensor being a ratio of the input voltage. For example, if you double the input voltage then the output voltage will also double.

7. Input Sensitivity - select how sensitive analog voltage measurements should be. The default value of 10 should suffice for most applications.

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