Confidence Value
Frank Lorenzi from United States  [11 posts]
8 year

That was going to be my next question.  Right now I'm using the "Filter Value" field in the "Shape Matching" module to verify a green ball.  The min. is 50 and the max. is 95. The Phidget 888 bit setting is 1.  Is a Phidget 888 setting of 1 okay?



Watch the bit setting when using the Confidence value. That will range from 0 to 100 which means if you set it to bit 6 that will only trigger when above 6, or 32 for bit 5, etc. (power of 2 numbers). If you set it to bit 7 (128) that will not do anything.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 8 year

The bit setting of 1 would toggle the relay quite frequently as the number changes. I would expect that you probably want to use a higher number.

I would have used a bit of code to threshold the value. i.e.

if getVariable("FILTER_VALUE") > 80 then
  setVariable "toggle", 1
  setVariable "toggle", 0
end if

in a VBScript or other programming module and then use the "toggle" variable in the 888 interface with bit set to zero. That gives you much better control over how confident a match needs to be in order to trigger a relay.


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