Logitech Orbit/Sphere, MP, AF

The Logitech Orbit module provides control over the Logitech Orbit Webcam's motorized pan/tilt capabilities. Similar to servo control systems the Orbit provides left and right 189 degree panning and 102 degree tilt. Using the Logitech Orbit module you can control the Orbit camera based on what it sees.



1. Manual Position - If you have the Orbit Camera installed you should be able to use the buttons within the Logitech Orbit dialog to manually move the camera in the direction of the pressed button.

2. Variable - To automate the movements based on programmatic control select which variable holds the appropriate bitwise command. This command variable should contain the following values as appropriate:

0 = stop

1 = up

2 = down

4 = left

8 = right

16 = home

3. Camera Id - If you have more than one Logitech camera running on your system you can change the camera id which will cause the control to switch to the next Logitech camera. This also works across the different versions of the Orbit/Sphere/etc. product line.

4. Stop - To stop executing the value within the variable for a period of time press the STOP button. This will terminate camera movement until the same button (now called START) is pressed again or the program is restarted.


Click here to load a configuration to move the Orbit camera using your cursor keys.

Click here to load a configuration that will cause the Orbit camera to track the color red.

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