Blob Resize

The blob resize will reduce or enlarge blobs based on a percent of existing size. This is similar to the erode and dilate modules but operates on a blob individually as it changes the size based on the existing blob size as apposed to a set amount. This allows expansion or reduction based on a blobs existing size and can be used for finer control than erosion and dilation.

Because blob resize is vector based (pixel borders are used for resizing) edges and sharp transitions are preserved unlike other scaling or size changing which will tend to blur the object slightly.

Blob resizing will also retain the center position for each blob which preserves the relative location of each blob and can be used to merge or break blobs accordingly.



1. Percent - Specify the percent increase/decrease each blob is to be changed by. Above 100 will increase blob sizes with less than 100 decreasing the size.


OriginalResize to 135%
OriginalResize to 75%

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