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Load_Image marker name
Hi Steven, I miss the option to name the marker in module Load_Image. It would be ver...
10 year 3 2815
Testing an integer array for emptyness
Hi, I need to test in a robo file if there exists a Harris_Corner, how can I achieve it? Does "if H...
10 year 2 2567
How detecting abondoned objects
Hi, does anybody know what modules should be used to detect abondoned objects? Backgr...
10 year 2 2286
Write_Variables, changing Filename
Hi STeven, when I change the name of the destination filename then I will get a new file for every ...
10 year 2 2419
Statistics with a black picture
Hi STeven, Color_Statistics Moment_Statistics Geometric_Statistics
10 year 2 1744
Read_HTTP Timeout
Hi STeven, the 'Read_Http' command fails sometimes for some seconds on all connections. It looks ...
10 year 2 1764
Crop display
Hi STeven, when I use the 'Crop' module, the display looks like you are using the wrong extents (...
10 year 2 2391
Blob_Count changes current immage
Hi STeven, when I use the module Blob_Count, the current image will be affected in a way that is no...
10 year 2 2379
Ball Spin Calculation [2]
Hi Arif, the modul 'Optical_Flow' comes in mind... CubaMadre;...
10 year 3 1640
multiple tabs
Currently it is not possible to work with more than two tabs. You can create more than two tabs, you can save it, but they will ...
10 year 2 1670
how to increment/decrement a variable?
Hi, does anybody know if there is way to increment/decrement a variable on robo's side?
10 year 2 2637
second tab issues
a) When I use a second tab, the image width and height are different than that one from the first tab and ignores the extent of ...
10 year 2 1634

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