Blob_Count changes current immage
CubaMadre from Germany  [12 posts]
10 year
Hi STeven,

when I use the module Blob_Count, the current image will be affected in a way that is not intended nor desired. I will get an additional black border on the left and upper side of the current image.
Issue.Blob_Count border.zip
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year

That's actually expected. The module will clear out a 1 pixel border around the image so that it doesn't need to check for the image bounds when doings its analysis. Its a performance thing. If it is causing you problems, use the Resize_Canvas module to resize the image dimension by 2 pixels in each direction and select Preserve with the Center radio button selected and then call the blob_count. That will allow for the border to be zeroed without changing the image.

Note that many modules will do this.


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