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VBscript IF statement issues [2]
Hi. Background on me, i do a bit of C and C++ programming, and am trying to use the VB script plugin.
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Blob tracking and filtering [4]
Cheers! I'll give that a go asap....
7 years 3 2228
Blob tracking and filtering [2]
Hi! I am trying to track a blue LED in a ping pong ball. I am able to segment out the ball quite wel...
7 years 3 2228
need help for pick and place robot arm [3]
I'm no expert on this, but it so happens that what your describing is something I am going to be doing very soon in the near fu...
7 years 3 1220
Strange Behavior of power operator (^) in Cscript [5]
Ahh thanks a tonne again! I got too used to matlab and forgot that ^ also meant XOR. ...
7 years 4 1832
Strange Behavior of power operator (^) in Cscript [2]
Hi again! I've noticed strange behavior with the power operator "^". From my intuition:
7 years 4 1832

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