need help for pick and place robot arm
sohaib from Pakistan  [1 posts]
11 year
Hi. m new to roborealm.this software is the best  i have ever seen. recently i am working on a pick and place robot arm.i want roborealm to detect an object (using kinect depth )and position his arm to the object and pick it up and place it in a basket.
My hardware include kinect sensor,arduino mega, 4 analog servo based custom arm.
since i am newbie to roborealm.i need a road map to accomplish the task.plz help me regarding that.
john geddes from Australia  [6 posts] 11 year
I'm no expert on this, but it so happens that what your describing is something I am going to be doing very soon in the near future.

I'm assuming the Arduino is to control the servo's? and serve as the interface between Roborealm and the arm.

You'll need to work out the inverse kinematics for your robot arm (warning: can be quite math intensive if you try do it by hand).
This is so you can tell the robot arm a position and make it move there (hopefully).

You're probably not going to be able to completely rely on the depth map, as the kinect I'm playing with returns maps with very jagged edges and I believe it would be the same with most.

GL with the project!
Anonymous 11 year
Does the part you are attempting to grab specifically require a depth map? Is it located ontop of a lot of other parts or is it isolated? Can you post an example picture?


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