VBscript IF statement issues
john geddes from Australia  [6 posts]
12 year
Background on me, i do a bit of C and C++ programming, and am trying to use the VB script plugin.
The 'IF' statement seems to playing havoc on me, because i can't seem to find the right syntax for a comparison.
I have this code:

RBdY = (RY-BY)
RBdX = (RX-BX)
    heading1 = 0
    heading1 = (tan(RBdY/RBdX))*(180/3.14156932)
end if
SetVariable "Heading", heading1

RY, BY, RX, BX are all pixel co-ordinates i have determined before the VB script, and are read in via 'RX = GetVariable("RedX")' etc...
Im trying to detect if RBdX is equal to 0, so i can avoid a division by zero. however the if statement always fails and i'll get a division by 0 error when RBdX is 0.
I've tried '==', also tried '!=' or '<>' and reversed the logic, nothing works.

I can't seem to locate any debugging tools in the built in VBscript plugin, am i just being blind?
Also, is there no function for Pi?

I appreciate any help given on this problem.

Anonymous 12 year
Hi Botagar

Firstly if your more familiar with C programing you may wan to try cscript rather than vbscript http://www.roborealm.com/help/CScript_Program.php

Then if the program is exactly what your using then try adding some spaces to your code instead of



if RBdX=0 then

Take a look at w3schools they have a lot of good examples http://www.w3schools.com/vbscript/vbscript_conditionals.asp

Lastly microsoft did not give us any debugging tools for vbscript so I am afraid you have to go old school and use response.write onto the screen in order to get some understanding on what is going on.

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