Strange Behavior of power operator (^) in Cscript
john geddes from Australia  [6 posts]
11 year
Hi again!
I've noticed strange behavior with the power operator "^".
From my intuition:
2^2 = 4, 2^3=8
-1^2 = 1 etc...

What i noticed is that in cscript, it does not behave like that at all. I cannot figure out what the "^" is doing.
I get things like:
2^2 = 0, -2^2 = -4, -3^2 = -1, 2^3 = 1 etc... just odd...

For reference, this is how I'm checking them:
int test = 2^3;

Also, i can't seem to find if the Cscript has an 'absolute' function such as "a = |a|"
(coming from Matlab where it's "a = abs(a)")
Which brings me to my next point, I can't seem to find a complete list of math functions available to use in the scripts. Am I not looking in the right place?

Anonymous 11 year

In C the "^" is not a power operator but an exclusive OR ... otherwise know as XOR.

The power operator is typically a function like the abs.

printf("%f\r\n", pow(2,2));

printf("%f\r\n", fabs(-2));

The CScript module uses PicoC from


which you can find some more information about. Its not much so if you run into issues let us know.

Anonymous 11 year
We also added a list at the bottom of


as to which C functions are present in PicoC.

john geddes from Australia  [6 posts] 11 year
Ahh thanks a tonne again!
I got too used to matlab and forgot that ^ also meant XOR.

also cheers for the list!

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